Paulie’s Pizzeria SI

For the love of Pizza


PAULIE’s PIZZA (500 Bay St.) comes to the table with a slamming’ thin crust pizza. Apparently, it’s not only a damn good, tasty slice but many media outlets consider their regular pizza slice to be the #BEST on (or in) Staten Island.




In fact, ALL OF THE pizzerias on (or in) the island say the exact same thing about their PIZZA!!! Yes, way… We have to settle this: ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!


Cris from Paulie's Pizzeria

This is Cris. You can find him, day or night, on Bay Street slaving over each of his culinary masterpieces. If you catch his attention, he’ll have a BEAMING SMILE on his face. That’s how you’ll know it’s him.




They say: “If Love is the first ingredient in any pizza recipe,” this man puts a days worth of LOVE in every slice ( < just realized that that sounds a lot like a poem. 🥺) .

Paulie's Pizzeria mascot close up

@pauliespizzeriasi OFFICIALLY joins

The Great SI Pizza Pie Off

at Flagship Brewery, Wednesday Jan. 16, 2019 @7pm. NOTE: For the judges of this CONTEST, there’s going to be hell to pay. I’m just really, really glad to not be one of them.

#gsippo #greatpizzapieoff #foodienyc #downtownsi #northshoresi #baystreet #siny #sinyc #statenislandny #flagshipbrewery #binknyc @si_nyc  @binknyc


Paulie's Pizzeria menu

🤒 : Paulie’s Pizzeria
🤖 : (718) 981-5111


The Great SI Pizza Pie Off!

Wednesday • January 16, 2019 @ Flagship Brewery • 40 Minthorne Lane, Staten Island, NY • Admission: $15.

Flagship Brewery logo
Flagship Brewery (Staten Island, NY)




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