Laurie Simons, Terry Sterrenberg

Filmmakers: Laurie Simons & Terry Sterrenberg

Inspiration + Talent = Brilliance

Laurie and Terry

Laurie and Terry live on (or in) Staten Island for three years now. They are, for all intents and purposes, an ideal mom and pop team. They are a dynamic couple and happily married for 36 years. Together they create epic documentary films which seek to educate people on the real social topics we deal with everyday.

The topics vary, always having a strong educational component, with a strong focus on what matters to us economically. The documentaries are easy to watch, curate viable solutions and make perfectly good sense. And they are imminently qualified to share their brilliance.

They’ve raised two fantastic and accomplished children (Jeff and Jay Sterrenberg), have conducted prominent careers as licensed therapists and, have taken on the impossible task of reimagining brand new ways for us regular people to live healthier lives.

Laurie Simons
Terry Sterrenberg

Perhaps the main stay expression of theirs is for the US to be prosperous and share in the pursuit of happiness—especially when it comes to the economics we face in healthcare. Their overarching theme raises the bar regarding issues with both the problems and potentials of what is working and what is not in American society.

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The most epic of their documentaries was released in 2011. It is and documentary film called The Healthcare Movie. Many people can, will and do argue that this one film has literally changed the conversation on Healthcare. This healthcare topic now appears with far more regularity in the mainstream media, hundreds of blogs and websites, right down to the conversations we now have at our kitchen tables. Prior to the movie’s release, the conversation on healthcare in this country was practically nil. It was not something people were openly discussing in the presence of polite company.

Prominent colleges and universities, prominent non-profit organizations and a variety of small groups purchase The Healthcare Movie. There are hundreds of screenings each year throughout the country which have happened since 2011. They are still selling the movie online: The Healthcare Movie

Healthcare Movie

Today, Healthcare, is a very active and out in the open at dinner conversations, symposiums across the nation and on the front pages in our mainstream media. Topics delve deeply into public policy, the elected officials and both legal and financial issues which are concerning to all of US citizens.

This healthcare issue will apparently continue to be a hot topic for years to come. It is important here to insert the relevance and note that the year the movie was released, in 2011, was also the same year that Baby Boomers began turning 65. This happens at an alarming rate of 10,000 people per day in the US. This is expected to continue for the next 13 years, until 2031. Can we get a: “Wow!”


The Heathcare Movie is a clear and concise comparison of our healthcare system between our North American neighbor, Canada, and ourselves (US). The documentary, narrated by Keifer Sutherland, goes into the nitty gritty detail of how the creation of the US healthcare system has led to the financially draining system we now have today. More importantly, Laurie and Terry challenge us, as US citizens to assist with co-creating a new healthcare system by casting votes for elected officials who will help influence a new Healthcare system.

This dynamic duo offer great solutions for healthcare and a reasonable path on how to fix it. They cover a number of proposed solutions—all of them viable and all of them relevant and possible.

Their latest movie: NOW IS THE TIME: Healthcare for Everybody delves deeper into the Healthcare topic and what changed and what hasn’t changed. It explains Single Payer healthcare and why the United States still lags behind other industrialized nations that spend less, cover everybody, and have better outcomes. This documentary has gained notable popularity each year and is catching up to the popularity received from The Healthcare Movie. 

Now is the Time


Oh, oh, here we go:

You know how parents like to have their offspring become miniature and better versions of themselves? This isn’t the case with Laurie and Terry. In fact, the opposite is true.

Meerkat Media (Brooklyn).jpg

Laurie and Terry have both been therapists for years. They have a deep love and understanding not only for each other but for their children, clients, and society as a whole. The unusual thing here is that both of their sons, Jay and Jeff are excellent documentary filmmakers, film editors and are considered luminaries in their field. They are co-founding members at Meerkat Media ( in Brooklyn. Laurie and Terry, the parents, followed in their children’s footsteps and became documentarians. How do you like that for a switch in the parental script?

Jeff Sterrenberg
Jay Sterrenberg

You can see Laurie and Terry’s movies here:

Here is the YouTube Channel for Ed Video Plus:


If you have a million bucks lying around under your bed, don’t just leave it there!!! You can help Laurie and Terry reform the country, create a better system for all and you can put some of that dirty, dusty dough to great use by participating in their next movie.

Wanna know what that new movie is???
You know you do.

Write to for all the deets, deals and goodies.


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