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Staten Island – New York City

It is the purpose of the website to promote the businesses here on Staten Island:
New York City’s Forgotten Borough.

We have rules here.

You’ll want to learn the rules. Knowing these RULES will help you to get on and off the
island, alive.

And yes, it is true, we have rules. Here they are:

☝🏼 Honesty is both a word and a deed.
✌🏼 Integrity is who you are, not what you say.
🤟🏼 Respect is earned, not given.
🖖🏼 Trust is gained, over time.
🖐🏼 Loyalty is returned, not bought.

Those are the rules. They’re simple.

Much of the lifestyle here on Staten Island is reminiscent of NYC life in the 1970-1980s. We are a little rough around the edges. We like it that way. Many people call it “character.”

Brook Street Staten Island

This perspective is especially true when compared to the burgeoning artist culture of Williamsburg | Brooklyn and posh glamour of Manhattan island. So, in many respects, we have notable features which are quite worthy of encompassing a full and rich NYC experience even if you come for an hour or so.

We hope you enjoy your visit to NYC’s Forgotten Borough. You will certainly find things here you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. We are proud of what we do. We are proud of who we are. We are proud of where we live. Show us respect and you will be given respect in return.

Shop at our stores give us your money. You might just leave here safely and live to tell of your adventure in St. George, Staten Island (SI-nyc).


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