The Sole Pack

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MEET: Michael Sala. He’s a doctor (in Physical Therapy). He’s the inventor of The #SolePack is for people that like sports. No, it’s for people that like to have their shoes in a separate bag!

Michael is all about the sports: basketball, baseball, football, you play it, he’s got you.

What are you a runner?

Okay, yeah, got you too.


We say: SNEAKERS. They say: Tennis Shoes. 


So, what is the Sole Pack exactly?

The Sole Pack is an attachment for your cleats, sneakers, tennis shoes, sneakers, that attaches to the outside your backpack so the CLEAN STUFF in your bag doesn’t GET DIRTY.

The Sole Pack trio




He started doing
a decade ago and now he’s hitting
a stride. People are buying, so
Mike is selling. Get one now.

He’s got new bags and even
other new bag but, I’m not
allowed to tell you about those,


The SolePackTheSolePack

He also started doing a graffiti line with special #Graf from a West Coast artist, so yeah, that’s pretty dope. Go to the website and see for yourself: 

or find his latest on Instagram @solepack_mike. Here’s what Michael Sala looks like.

Check him out! Gangsta style!

[ Naw… doctors can’t be gansta, can they? ]



You know how these things go:

If you don’t buy now, the prices go up
(ONCE HE’S ALL FAMOUS) to 10xs the
amount in a year or so (educated guess).


Ho, ho, ho: video









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