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WHY Si-nyc?

To promote the businesses and the culture of Staten Island into a single, unifying force greater than that of Brooklyn.


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Let’s get REAL for a moment. are a little Team with some big ideas for Staten Island. We create new campaigns where Instead of you looking for clients, clients come looking for you. That’s just what we do. 

SI-nyc Team: 

Aisha Chatha SI-nyc (02)

Aisha Chatha

(Chief Executive Officer)

Aisha Chatha has been in corporate financial planning for Fortune 500 Companies for ten years prior to entrepreneurship where today she trains both planners and students at Ernst & Young and Columbia University, respectively. She is the founder of Eula Blue, a consulting firm that offering Financial Planning and Analysis, Strategic Business Coaching, Creative Direction which has since become a motivational hub with an unwavering goal of understanding a client’s needs and cultivating a unique blueprint to business growth. She has also founded Belia Isza, a fashion technology brand, where women can test signature designs virtually. Aisha believes in leading initiatives to induce self-confidence in women.

Ms. Chatha has graduated from Rutgers Business School in 2014.

She is SI-nyc’s, Chief Executive Officer.


Colin Pearce (01) SI-nyc

Colin A.R. Pearce

(Chief Financial Officer)

Colin A.R. Pearce has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from City College of New York, and a Juris Doctor from New York Law School, and is about to graduate with a Legum Magister in Taxation from New York Law School. He has over 17 years of experience in production management and technology and has helped to start numerous ventures and non-profits, including several performing arts companies. He is a photographer and classical music recordist, with interests in Idealist Aesthetics, Cultural History, and Parapsychology.

Lara Kisielewska SI-nyc

Lara Kisielewska

(Chief Creative Officer)

Lara Kisielewska has lead creative teams for 27 years, working on branding, print, and digital design for a wide array of companies including Tribune Media, Nickelodeon, and American Express. Lara holds a B.S. in Graphic Communications Management and Technology from New York University and has been an active member of the Graphic Artists Guild since 1992. She has been on the Guild’s National Board since 1998 and is currently National President.


Julien McRoberts SI-nyc

Julien McRoberts

(Executive Director of Visual Production)

Today, after 12 years in business, Julien is a sought after photographer and storyteller who has worked with such notable clients as Jeff Bezos, The Georgia O’Keeffe MuseumUSA Today Magazine, Mastercard, Calvin Klein Home and more.  She focuses on the authentic story that is being told through the picture and her unique use of light.

Her photography allows the client to feel connected and embody their brand.
Julien was recently listed as:

The 10 Best Lifestyle Photographers in New York City

See Here: photographers nyc


Breuk Iversen, Branding Brooklyn

Breuk Iversen

(Executive Brand Strategist)

Breuk Iversen was responsible for promoting Williamsburg | Brooklyn in 2000 – 2006. Breuk published and distributed 548,000 copies of 11211 Magazine in that time, redirecting national and international tourism to Brooklyn. He is the former, unofficial  “Mayor of Williamsburg,” nicknamed that by the contributors and business owners there. Prior to that, he helped launch Kate Spade and reinvigorate the Kenneth Cole fashion brand, has worked for REVLON and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Today he is the Brand Architect for Fashion Week BrooklynBreuk is a veteran AdMan, designer, and writer utilizing highly-effective techniques steeped in neuroscience and phenomenology for advertising and branding, and increasing revenue for clients. He is also considered one of the 120+ most prolific graphic designers of all time.” 

Mr. Iversen is an entrepreneur since 1994. 






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