John’s Deli (Staten Island) New Dorp Lane

John’s Deli

Take Your Time!

Eating at John’s Deli back in the 1980s (on 86th Street in Brooklyn) was a special treat in the middle of the work day, for me. The lines were long but you knew the sandwiches were worth the wait. I thought by now the prices would be well over the top (like Katz’s Deli in NYC) by now but it’s not.

Obviously, my perception was way off the mark.

The heroes at John’s are NOT only a delicious, solid meal but, the prices are so old school. The heroes are still under $10. Besides the sandwich being a good portioned meal, the price itself is affordably impressive.

John’s Deli (Staten Island) New Dorp Lane

No hurry, no time, this time it’s time to take your time.

John’s Deli (Staten Island) New Dorp Lane

I got the sausage parmesan hero because that’s what I used to order almost three times a week for 3 years. It’s still as good today as it was back then. We’re talking over 35 years ago and the prices I paid back then hasn’t changed that much, maybe $2-3 dollars.

One thing to note is a special little sign they have there: “We Sell Brooklyn Bread.” It’s right smack in the middle of the store which is to send a very clear, intentional message out to patrons:

John’s Deli (Staten Island) New Dorp Lane

Yep. That’s the John’s I remember.

Each borough has a sense of their borough’s old school pride. Perhaps John’s heart is still back in Brooklyn. Apparently,  is his baker.

One thing you can count on at John’s: This is a place where the value of your $10. bill still means something. Your $10. still has value. My heart was warmed by this ❤️.

Remember: His bread vendor in Brooklyn has still to pay gas and a toll to get over the bridge, all the way out to New Dorp Lane. I don’t know what that means exactly except that blood is thicker than wine. 

John’s Deli 173 New Dorp Lane


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