Fort Tompkins (Staten Island) 06 SI-nyc

Ft. Wadsworth / Ft. Tompkins

Welcome to the Jungle

One of the amazing public parks which reside on Staten Island are two forts nestled under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (Bklyn. to S.I.). These are very well designed forts as forts go, making it nearly impenetrable to shell attacks—keeping the soldiers safe.

They served to protect the City of New York harbor back during the civil war for the confederacy. They were never used.

It is a great place to spend the day walking around. We give the waterfront area of Fort Wadsworth a creepy factor of #4 on a scale of #1-10. It’s just THAT COOL

If you want to feel like an ENTREPRENEURIAL explorer, go the end of either side of the promenade and descend down the small paths toward the water. There you will find some dark, dank-smelling, cold rooms with military grade doors ajar which were used for weapons storage. This is what they looked like in the summertime:

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