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NY Wheel Rolls Off

Oh Wheel, Oh Wheel, Oh Well….

Where’d You Roll Off To? 

We’ve been hearing about this NY Wheel since 2014. There are a number of interesting local, gossipy speculations but you won’t read about this in any of the mainstream media. It’s a bit of a mystery. We’re holding back all opinion until we know more.

Give us some more time and we’ll eventually get more info. See the most recent updates at the very bottom of this page.

Here’s the 09/2018 entry:

Staten Island NY Wheel

Here’s the latest from Staten Island Advance (

Staten Island, NY wheel, Si-nyc (Advance Publications)

Here are some fake photos of the proposed wheel [ Oh no, don’t go there! Yes, my lovelies, we doth goeth thar. ] . There’s absolutely nothing to see at the NY Wheel site, at all, except the top portion of an underground parking lot.

NY Wheel Staten Island
Here’s a wonderful faux rendering.
NY Post Rendering
Another faux rendering so, don’t believe your eyes 👀 .
Faux Photo Rendering:
Nope. This isn’t the real deal of a Big Wheel either from:

Then this happened:

The embattled Wheel filed a motion for an order approving the amendment in Delaware Bankruptcy Court that — among other things — gives the developer a final standstill deadline of Jan. 7, 2019, to hire a new contractor to complete the project, according to court documents.” See full (09/2018) article on

It doesn’t look hopeful for the @NYWheel but if you watched the NE Patriots come back from a 21-3 deficit to beat the Altlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, never say never.

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