Steiny's, SI-nyc, BinkNyc

Jimmie Steiny’s

Oh, yes you should.

This should be your very first stop when visiting St. George, Staten Island at night. It is the epitome of a ‘good bar,’ we island hoppers believe in. Steiny’s as well as serving some colorful international alcohol with some colorful international people delivers a proper bar experience.

First, it will give you a good first taste as to understanding the rules and regulations you would follow while visiting SI-nyc. If you get kicked out of Steiny’s, you’re a loser, plain and simple.

Secondly, they serve up a particular warmth and friendliness you are unlikely to find in most parts of SI.

Buy two drinks to get the openness of your mind flowing. Evesdrop in on other people’s conversations which is likely welcome in many cases. Listen to good music. Behave yourself and Enjoy!

LEAVE YOUR RACISM and prejudicial judgements at the door. If you can’t do this, go somewhere else to drink.

What else is there to say. ENTER ‘It’s a home away from home’ cliché here. Steiny’s can be that second home.

See Deets below.

Steiny's Pub
Steiny’s on Hyatt Street
Steinys on Hyatt St.
Good, good bar.
Steiny's, SI-nyc, BinkNyc
It’s a real Bar, bar with real people, real drinks and really good service.


Addy: 3 Hyatt St, Staten Island, NY 10301
Hours: Opens 11am-2am
Phone: (718) 442-9526



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