Switch the Lampposts

The Death of an Era

On a very unremarkable July night, in St. George, it would turn out to be last evening that Staten Islanders would ever see incandescent lighting on these city streets. July 18, 2018 was the date which will forever change the fate of history, ushering SI into the Technology Age along with the rest of NYC. Indeed, they (DOT) hadn’t forgotten about us.

Rich romantic lighting on the back streets and roving hills of St. George, once an anomaly, joins the rest of NYC’s plans to BRIGHTLY LIGHT and monitor every nook and crevice of the streets with LED lampposts equipped with cameras. Yes, they are included in the grid of the lights themselves.

This lighting would become the very last vestige and recent personal hallmark of The Forgotten Borough. One would not have to be a professional photographer to appreciate the beauty and warmth of this incandescent lighting.

See the lighting below:


Photography: Breuk  Iversen

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