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NO ONE KNOWS Williamsburg | Brooklyn like Breuk Iversen. He launched 11211 Magazine shocking local residents and artists with 10,000, heavyweight, full-color magazines in 2000. The publication was ‘Of the people, by the people, for the people’.

If he can rebrand Williamsburg | Brooklyn (2000-2006) and Astoria, Queens (2012-2016) into revolutionary creative hubs, he will do it for Staten Island. Williamsburg (Bklyn.) and Astoria (Queens) are well-known for a more vibrant nightlife, creatives, artists, and musicians, and freedom of expression. We discussed the S.I. rebrand in St. George and he replied: ‘Rebranding is about identifying a common belief like a religion or a country. Companies rebrand themselves for various reasons, including new leadership, a new target audience or a new company vision. In many cases, companies rebrand because they never really had a brand when they started. A logo, yes, a website, yes, a slogan, yes but not a brand nor a solid understanding of their customer and what they want from the company.’

— Jilly Thurston

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Perhaps, Staten Island has a brand. We would know it for sure if there was one.

Perhaps we if took a consensus and had an agreement as to what that brand is. We would know. We don’t.

Starting a business and rebranding a borough is a pretty big deal. The first steps are to
1. Know who you want to be to your audience, and
2. What audience wants you to be. Once these two ideas are married, you’ll likely have a business brand worthy of the public’s eyeballs.

We would start this process with an honest evaluation of why you decided to brand and what brand you decided to be.

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SI-nyc logo
SI-nyc logo, @si_nyc, #sinyc
YALE Certificate - Breuk Iversen
June 5, 2020

of a rebranding
for a physical
therapist in
Astoria, Queens:


Client: Triboro Physical Therapy (Astoria)

Triboro Old ad


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This campaign for Triboro Physical Therapy has generated an impressive 32% increase in business since its ad and new logo were created. These ADS are on the bus shelters of Astoria. There are new business cards, refrigerator magnets, a website, a new welcome mat, bus shelter ads (digital and print), POP in-store signage, an hours of operation sign, 2019 calendars and mouse pads on the desks in the office.

The cost for rebranding can run from anywhere from $15,000 – 30,000 – 75,000, depending on the scale, size, type and geographic area of the business. For a mom and pop shop that isn’t planning on franchising their business, they may not need branding and just need a little Brand-AID.

( ^ two samples of BRAND-AIDs ^ )

Rebranding a business is much more than just creating or redoing the logo, postcards, website or business cards. FOR US, these are just designs. Branding is more than changing your Instagram filters, posts and writing style. It is a process of changing what people see, think and feel when they look and experience your business.

Now…. let’s apply everything I just said toward rebranding Staten Island. And even more particularly to rebranding St. George. What’s the trick?

Build a Brand
that People
Come to Love ♥️

Marketing – 3 practical questions we ask:

  1. What is your ___________ offering?
  2. Who is your current AUDIENCE?
  3. How have you PROPOSED to meet the customer’s wants?

Branding – 3 critical questions we ask:

  1. Who LOVES you the most?
  2. Why does this ISLAND matter?
  3. What should your customers feel?

Depending on the business you have, reconsidering rebranding is a great way to grow business. Think of a business as a living, breathing thing.

Entrepreneurs and shop owners are having a tough time today like never before. Another reason to rebrand is to start doing it now before it gets too late. Instead of competition coming in to mow you down, with branding, the opposite is true. You mow them down. 😁

Rebranding helps to build, reinvigorate or supercharge a company,” said Breuk Iversen, the 25-year Creative Director veteran from BinkNyc Culture (Williamsburg | Brooklyn).

The people should be clear of their purpose, unique value proposition, vision and core values. Potential customers should resonate with the NEW brand persona through face-to-face communications. Sales get easier, marketing more efficient, and the designers, writers, and creators of a brand should have very clear guidelines to follow.

BinkNyc Culture, Breuk Iversen

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BRANDING: You also want to announce a new brand in smaller, more subtle phases and not jump to fast and dump it on people. Slow and steady wins the race. Come back and let us know how it goes.

Here are two more case studies:

 Queens Meat biz front
$87,800 in 6 weeks for Queens butcher

          Sweet Janes beer logo.png
Astoria Ice Cream Biz up 200-300%

The book below will contain most of what you would want to do to rebrand a business. The techniques in it reflect the latest findings in neuroscience and neuropsychology. It’s the edge you need in today’s saturated marketplace.

It’s particularly useful for AdHeads, AdMen, Branders, Designers, PR folks, marketers and entrepreneurs in business. ✔️

🤒 : Breuk IVersen

Coming (in 2020) to Amazon:

Branding Brooklyn
Branding Brooklyn is a new book by Breuk Iversen. He recalls the story of how he and 11211 Magazine rebranded Brooklyn back in 2000.
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