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We’ve heard it before.

1. “We don’t have the money.”

2. “We have to think about it.”

3. “Now is not the right time.”

The plan to reach more customers.

What is the actual plan?

“We don’t have the money.”

Yes. We get it.
Do you have $1,000? No.
How about $500. dollars. Yes?
Let’s start there.

“We have to think about it.”

Take all the time you need.
It’s your business. You know best.

“Now is not the right time.”

It’s never really the right time.
Time never stands still.

Neurochemical is the solution …

It’s like branding and advertising on steroids and crack.

Neuro-marketing is 95%
more effective than
traditional methods.


People actually spend 95% of the day making purchasing decisions from their subconscious minds. Neuroscience successfully proposes that counter-intuitive approaches to markets are more effective, factual, and true.

In 2007, we began to apply Neurochemical methods to our client’s marketing campaigns
and were pleasantly surprised to see upticks
and increases of 100-200% using neuroscience. The Neurochemical is only one approach we use to execute accelerated and successful marketing campaigns for clients. Why? Simply ecause it works.

Moreover, these campaigns need to be creative but, not necessarily expensive.

Both of these PDFs are hosted on

Honestly, people don’t love marketing.
Nobody does.

What people really do love is buyingNo one
needs to teach us how to buy. We already
know what we want.

The Neurochemical is a scientific,
counter-intuitive approach to marketing
which generates a whopping 100-300%
Return on Investment (ROI).

SI-nyc Market Survey

The cost of the SI-nyc Market Survey is $225.
If you find this report to be unsatisfactory, WE WILL REFUND
your $225. (in full), NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Yes, really.

More details below.

Staten Island 2021 – Client Work :

Wealth and Legacy Group

Wealth & Legacy does planning for families with $50-$500M in accrued assets.

Staten Island Film Fest

Originally scheduled for MMXX, until a pandemic stole the show. Let’s see if it can begin in 2021. If not 2021, then 2022.


B E N E M O N T is a brand new company, new name, logo, brochures, website and more. Great Voluntary Benefits.

Ad & Brand Market Services:

Graphic and Web Design
Interior and Type Design
• Advertising (print & digital)
• Branding
(aka Brand—AID™)
• Copywriting (Ad & Brand Market)
• GIFs and Animations

• Infographics & e-Newsletters
• Video Production and Editing

Originally from Brooklyn, then Manhattan, then Queens and new to Staten Island. We go back a couple of decades.

BinkNyc Culture, Breuk Iversen
The Rest is History

Approaches for
increasing income:

1. Strategic Marketing or,
2. Build out a Campaign or,
3. One-on-One or Group Training or,
4. Maintain & Manage Campaigns.

case studies:

$87,800 in 6 weeks
Ice Cream Biz up 200-300%

A Thrifty $90K in 90 Days

We Do Epic Shit
for good people.

SI-nyc is an agency hell bent
on getting our clients more
customers and more money.

SI-nyc logo, SI-nyc.com @si_nyc, #sinyc



“If you speak to their intellect, you’ll
have their ear. If you speak to their
heart, you’ll have their whole body.”

— Breuk Iversen

Waiting Game..

The real question is:
Can we get started before
you get distracted or forget?

< Click image to download the PDF.
It is a very short story of common
Marketing Definitions.

Get started with
something small.

• SI-nyc Market Survey* ($225.)
1. We do a 30-45 minute presentation on Zoom or by phone.
2. We rate your business on a scale of 1-25 in four Neurochemical categories:

A little business card campaign. ($1000.)

• A fresh direct mail campaign (postcards or letters). ($2000.)

A Social Media campaign that delivers $$$ results. ($2750.)

You will receive a 5-8 page report about your business in
5 business days. In this report you will get both the PROBLEMS
we’ve found from a professional and external Market
, and a few cost-effective solutions for remedying
the problem(s) we’ve found.

The cost of the SI-nyc Market Survey is $225.
If you find this report to be unsatisfactory, in any way,
WE WILL REFUND your $225. (in full), NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

See our Bios here: http://SI-nyc.com/si-nyc-team

Call Direct:
Breuk Iversen (718) 578-6613
Email: Bruh@SI-nyc.com

As always, thank you for your time.

Try the SI-nyc Market Survey.
It is a low cost item at $225. and
well worth its weight in gold.

All SI-nyc fees for products and
services are 100% Tax Deductible
business expense.

If, by the end of the report, you
are unsatisfied, in any way,
WE WILL REFUND your $225.

Thank you for your time.

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