The US Publishing Empire
Who Grew its Roots from
and in Staten Island

INARGUABLY, one of the most notable people to ever arise out of Staten Island is the infamous S.I. Newhouse Sr. This man, single-handedly reinvigorated The Staten Island Advance from a failing #newspaper from the ground up. He took the struggling #silive newspaper and brought it back to life and made it more efficient, more effective and far more profitable than it ever had been before. He was a NYC lawyer and made it so profitable that The (SI) Advance Publications bought and owned #CondeNast publications back in 1959. (They still own it to this day—and not the other way around). 

from left to right: SI Newhouse Jr., SI Newhouse Sr. Donald Newhouse

If you live in Staten Island today and don’t already know this, you are ignorant of the facts (hate us, hate me, whatever, etc…) But know that this is both the factual and absolute truth.

Advance Publications still owns #vogue, #thenewyorker, #vanityfair, #wired, #architecturaldigest, #gqmagazine, and a slew of other magazines under the @siadvance #condenast empire. 

Samuel Irving Newhouse, Senior
Samuel I. Newhouse Ferry

Also know that the Newhouse family is extremely humble, like many of the notable families in Staten Island, and would never boast of this fact. I am doing this for them of my own volition and accord. They are by no means a rinky dink publication as many people here perceive them to be. They are actually a tremendous force, unlike many others, after the truth and proper journalism as it was intended to be by our First Amendment rights under the US constitution. In fact, the Newhouse family is one of the prominent families in US history, only being comparatively matched, $ for $, to the #hearstpublications in the US, and internationally. 

Staten Island Ferry: The plaque on the Samuel I. Newhouse Ferry.

If and when #statenislanders ever feel a sense of hopelessness, FEAR NOT! You have grown up on the same Borough as the #vanderbilts #wutangclan and #silive. All you really need now is a few doses of #lionsprideleadership to get your hopes and dreams mounded into a #reality to do #doepicshit #getshitdone #statenislandny — little mic drop here 🎤 soapbox over.

^ from Wikipedia

More on SI Newhouse Junior and his brother Donald Newhouse:

#annawintour #oscardelarenta
Article from the NYTimes website.
Article from the NYTimes website.

Now. Put some of that reality in your vape and smoke it and then tell us how sweet it tastes. 🤒 

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