Tacos El Pinguino

El Pinguino is considered a St. George neighborhood secret. Serving up authentic tacos until 1 am, this taco truck is the tastiest late-night option. If you aren’t brave enough to stand in the cold to wait in line with owner Victor Merino, you can call ahead to pick up.

Situated on the corner of Victory Blvd and Bay St, this taco truck remains an essential stop after a late ferry ride. With fillings varying from the pineapple infused al pastor to a classic mexican chorizo, El Pinguino is sure not to disappoint in the flavor department. If the tacos aren’t enough, order the birria, a traditional beef soup to sip on for the colder months or to dip your tacos in for a rich saucy finish.

As Victor describes it, “We make tacos that leave you wanting more.”

If you stay updated with food trends, you know birria tacos are taking foodie’s Instagram feeds by storm, but the El Pinguino taco truck did it before it was cool!

Written: Lulé Karpuzi
Edited: Shanon Harris

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