Staten Island Rising

Staten Island RISING (virtual summit)
This is the mission for the first year.


We WILL NOT let these nationwide riots and pandemic tear our community apart.
 Not now, not ever.

When WE STAND UNITED and are NOT DIVIDED, we bond together, and become STRONGER. We are better than this.

Staten Island RISING

is the brainchild of Lion’s Pride Leadership, Gotham Trinity Productions and supported by the members of the SIEDC, SI Chamber and Staten Island Advance. The same way Staten Islanders have always RISEN, we are RISING again. 

Staten Islanders have come out in legions to help the medical community: the hospitals, doctors, and nurses, and our city workers, the NYPD and FDNY. They aren’t just our first responders, they are the first responders for the rest NYC. 

We are an extended SI family and these families have always arisen to the occasion. We are built STRONGER. 

On this new path of uncertainty the NON-PROFITS in Staten Island are considered non-essential, and getting their funding cut in the tens of thousands of dollars this year. They need our help now. The city, has once again, forgotten them. 

Staten Island RISING is an online SUMMIT of local thought leaders, the unsung heroes who speak about resilience and the power of an having a handle on our Emotional & Psychological Perspective, applying Effective Leadership, and using an Intentional Strategy to move forward. 100% of the all the money raised in this VIRTUAL SUMMIT will go to the non-profits here. We will take care of our own for once. 

On June 17, 2020, from 9-11am, Staten Island RISING will hold its first annual SUMMIT to help raise money for local STATEN ISLAND non-profits. It’s not the least, but THE BEST we can do. 

Join us by SHOWING UP on 

Register and remember the community you know and love. We are Staten Island RISING. 

Thank you, 


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Sharmila Rao Thankkar
Sharmila Rao Thankkar –
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