The world’s smallest mobile museum.
It’s on two wheels.

Nadette Stasa has a dream of bringing peace to the world. She loves people that much. You’d only have to meet her once to fully understand this unique quality about her. She has an inner light that just keeps shining and lighting up people that are fortunate enough to make her acquaintance.




#peacebike #nadette
@peacebike @pmny

As you might expect from an undertaking of being a local peacemaker, this conflicts directly with countries and religions who wage wars on the people that don’t believe in the same things they do. War is big money.

Nadette is more than a dreamer. She’s more than hopeful. She’s a believer.

@peacebike @pmny

Peace Museum NY PMNY @peacesign
@peacebike @peace #pmny
Peace Museum NY PMNY @peacebike #pmny

Peace Museum NY PMNY #baystreet

07BBC5AC-57B2-4819-B58A-102EEDC7843235BF9164-CEE3-44A1-BF7B-70ABF4CEE022825403E9-59D2-4E28-B052-B954F94604EAPeace Museum NY PMNY 04Peace Museum NY PMNY 05Peace Museum NY PMNY 06Peace Museum NY PMNY 07Peace Museum NY PMNY 08Peace Museum NY PMNY 09Peace Museum NY PMNY 10Peace Museum NY PMNY 11Peace Museum NY PMNY 12Peace Museum NY PMNY 13Peace Museum NY PMNY 14Peace Museum NY PMNY 15Peace Museum NY PMNY 16Peace Museum NY PMNY 17Peace Museum NY PMNY 18Peace Museum NY PMNY by Connor WilliamsPeace Museum NY PMNY Gandhi Statue Hippie NadettePeace Museum NY PMNY Peace Bike & Bowling GreenPeace Museum NY PMNY Peace Bike & Point Thank YouPeace Museum NY PMNY PeaceRide 01Peace Museum NY PMNY PeaceRide 02Peace Museum NY PMNY PeaceRide 03Peace Museum NY PMNY PhotoCredit_AntonioRivera_2Peace Museum NY PMNY PhotoCredit_AntonioRiveraPeace Museum NY PMNY Summer Streets and BubblesPeace Parade by ErikPeaceRide Peace Museum NY PMNY 02


What is your big vision for PEACE? Do you even have one?


As Steve Jobs once said:

“Because the ones who are crazy enough
to think they can change the world, are
the ones who do…”


Perhaps one day you will join the movement.

If fact, you can right now: @peacebike #peacebike

No pressure. We’re just sayin’. 😀


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