NY Times Storefront

The new store is a Victory…

with a little help from our friends at The New York Times who recently opened up a radical little exhibit on Victory Boulevard right next to Tompkinsville Pharmacy. The signage in the window reads: 


Unearthing Staten Island’s lost history 

After learning of a long-abandoned subway tunnel intended to connect Staten Island and Brooklyn, a Times journalist from Staten Island dove into two years of extensive research. Stonewalled by the MTA, she spoke with historians and uncovered Times archival from the early 1900s. Bit by bit, she cobbled together the fascinating story of how this subway project failed — and how its absence shaped Staten Island today. 

With local journalism in crisis, The New York Times remains committed to reporting the truth in all five boroughs. For over 160 years, our reporters have applied unprecedented rigor and depth to uncovering the stories shaping our city. 




See the full article here: https://nytimes.com/2019/01/18/nyregion/staten-island-subway-dreams.html



Stop by and pay homage to a wonderful little gift from one of the most important newspapers to ever grace this city and country. If you knock hard enough on the window one could only hope that a ghost of Mayor Ed Koch or a crazy little clown 🤡 may emerge from the door in the back. 

We need to see more pop-up things like this in St. George or at Empire Outlets. Perhaps an exhibit from the Staten Island Advance with their offspring publishing conglomerate: Condé Nast. They have plenty of material, 100 years of great editorial content and SiLive.com (@siAdvance) has done plenty of recent coverage of EO. 

Yes! Seriously. Sometimes dreams do become a realty. 

— Breuk Iversen


UPDATE: July 1, 2019

The NY Times exhibit is gone. It must’ve been a one month rental—a pop-up. Now they’ve popped out of existence. 😳😩😔



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