Snug Harbor, Staten Island

Moby Dick and SnugHarbor

“Sailors’ Snug Harbor, also known as Sailors Snug HarborSnug Harbor Cultural Center and … 1867 to 1884, Captain Thomas Melville, a retired sea captain and brother of Moby Dick author Herman Melville, was governor of Snug Harbor.” — Wikipedia

We spent a sunny morning at the world famous, kinda special and secretive Snug Harbor. It was way more worth the trip than just some shits and giggles.

The deceptive part is that when you look at it on Google maps, it looks like a little park smaller than most city playgrounds:

Snug Harbor, Staten Island, SI-nyc #siny #statenisland
Deceptive Google Map view of Snug Harbor.

The TRUTH is that it is far bigger than one might expect if you depended on the map above. Here’s the Google satellite view:

Snug Harbor, Staten Island, SI-nyc. #siny #statenisland
Google Satellite View tells you the truth.

I’m just sayin’.

Maybe the folks at Snug Harbor or Staten Island residents like it secretive, clean and quiet. Maybe they like to keep the park less crowded.

Here is some photos of the epic Snug Harbor, Staten Island public park:

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