Staten Island Film Festival

A revival of the

Staten Island Film Festival

begins in MMXX. Yup, buckle up.


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SI film festival, si-ff, Staten Island ff
Staten Island Film Festival (official logo)

The Staten Island Film Festival ( is being brought back to life like a phoenix from the ashes. Now is the time, don’t you agree?

Let us know if you know someone that knows someone that wants to work. We have a bright road ahead and will pay every person according to their industry and/or specialty,
where applicable. This is going to be an experience.

We had no idea how much work this would be. Once we started to delve into an execution, we then realized a true love for movies 🎥 and film 🎞 would then guide us through the long days and nights. Much to learn on little time. will be accepting volunteers or interns
WHO WANT TO GET PAID. No one should work for free.


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The Original Poster (since modified).

SI-FF Poster x01
En route:

SI-FF heart poster

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